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What diet affects glomerulonephritis

7Glomerulonephritis is a common kidney disease, the daily diet of patients with glomerulonephritis is also very important, the patient should be based on the disease to develop a good diet, determined not to eat food harmful to the disease....

What diet affects glomerulonephritis

Mar 11, 2017 by Kidney Disease Expert

7Glomerulonephritis is a common kidney disease, the daily diet of patients with glomerulonephritis is also very important, the patient should be based on the disease to develop a good diet, determined not to eat food harmful to the disease. In patients with glomerulonephritis to develop good habits, work day, avoid overwork too tired, in stable condition, also can not forget, avoid excessive long-distance travel and sink to work, don't guard, isolated, should exercise, enhance their resistance to disease.

Diet should pay attention to what

1, do not eat salt or salt with autumn stone

As we all know the salt and edema are directly related, so many chronic nephritis patients to eat salt special attention, don't even eat salt, resulting in hyponatremia, hypochloremia, muscle spasm, hypotension, low blood volume, orthostatic hypotension. Li Qinghua said, salt restriction on hypertension, edema, oliguria and chronic nephritis, renal failure patients is necessary, but the salt do not eat salt, unless severe edema need to strictly limit the salt even water restrictions, the general should take a low salt diet. Therefore, patients with chronic nephritis of salt intake, depending on the specific circumstances should be determined by the doctor, excessive fear of salt is not necessary, but also some patients with autumn stone instead of salt is not desirable. The autumn stone light autumn stone and salty autumn stone, the main component is the white light autumn stone and salt people, also useful Renzhongbai, autumn dew and gypsum processing is made, the main ingredients such as salt salty Qiu Shi, so the autumn stone instead of salt is no scientific reason.

2, edible chili

Like pepper this kind of irritating ingredients and various condiments (such as onions, ginger, garlic, garlic, mustard, pepper), and various spices and volatile oil containing many vegetables (such as leeks, fennel, celery, radishes, etc.), the process of metabolism in the body, its pungent ingredients often through the kidneys, and these components on renal parenchymal cells have spicy varying degrees of stimulation, will seriously affect the renal function.

3, eat banana

It is generally believed that bananas are rich in nutrition, sweet and delicious, everyone can eat, there is no taboo. However, people suffering from acute nephritis, chronic nephritis and poor renal function, but can not eat bananas, because bananas contain more sodium, and nephritis patients with edema, high blood pressure must be restricted sodium intake. If nephritis patients often eat bananas, it is equivalent to a large amount of sodium intake, resulting in increased burden on the kidneys, edema, hypertension and other symptoms will be aggravated. In addition, indigestion and diarrhea patients after eating will aggravate the condition.

4, vegetarian protein free

In patients with chronic nephritis and renal failure, due to the decline of renal metabolic capacity, chronic renal failure patients should emphasize low quality protein diet. Some patients believe that vegetarian does not contain protein, so long-term vegetarian. This is actually a misunderstanding of food proteins. Acute treatment of chronic nephritis nephropathy experts, a hospital six ward director Li Qinghua introduced food protein from two aspects of plant protein and animal protein, while the contents of most plant proteins than animal protein content is low, but the daily staple food such as rice, flour protein content in 8% - 9%, more than 20% protein content of beans and bean products because the plant protein containing essential amino acids, and less potassium is high, it is not suitable for patients with chronic renal failure. The animal protein contains more than 50% of the essential amino acids, so patients with chronic renal failure should be appropriate to eat a high protein containing essential amino acids. It is not suitable for the selection of beans and bean products with high plant protein.

5, drink bone soup can be calcium and physical

The constitution of patients with chronic nephritis is weak, and the patients are accompanied by abnormal metabolism of calcium and phosphorus. As a result of the patient's digestive tract function and parathyroid function hyperfunction, the calcium absorption in the intestine is reduced. At the same time, due to the reduction of phosphorus excretion, and endocrine disorders, so patients with high phosphorus status. Bone soup contains more phosphorus, drink a large amount of phosphorus in the bone soup intake, resulting in accumulation of phosphorus in the body, increased hyperphosphatemia. Therefore, the soup can not only improve the calcium deficiency, but also due to elevated serum phosphorus will increase the damage of renal function.

6, hunger therapy can protect renal function

Because of the excessive emphasis on the diet of patients with chronic nephritis, as well as the misunderstanding of animal protein, some patients take "hunger therapy"". Because of the staple food and animal protein is too limited, patients are often malnourished, coupled with the "hunger therapy", exacerbating malnutrition, resulting in decreased body resistance and hypoproteinemia, anemia, and easy infection, aggravating illness, resulting in renal failure. Therefore, the "hunger therapy" can protect renal function in patients with chronic nephritis must not defy the law".

7, eat egg

Egg (preserved egg) taste not salty, but its sodium content is low, low salt diet nephritis patients, also occasionally eat a little bit no harm. Such as a long time to eat, it will increase the body's sodium content, the role of a low salt diet is not conducive to physical rehabilitation. Therefore, nephritis patients should not eat egg.



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