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Who is the most susceptible to kidney cancer?

Who is the most susceptible to kidney cancer? ...

Who is the most susceptible to kidney cancer?

May 14, 2017 by Kidney Disease Expert


Most of the patients with kidney cancer regardless of size, about 80% of the patients can early without any symptoms, but only in the survey and physical examination, or for other reasons B ultrasonic examination was discovered that the kidney have a placeholder lesions or touch the abdomen bag piece. Some patients have small renal primary lesions, no urinary or renal symptoms, but first appear to be a distant metastatic disease. If the patient is found to have an underarm and abdominal mass, it is found that it is kidney cancer. Therefore, experts suggest that if there is a painless mass, the development of kidney cancer should be vigilant, and the diagnosis should be made in time. At the same time, the prevention of kidney cancer should be noted in daily life. 

Older people aged 45 and over. The first is the medical history: 80% of liver cancer patients have a history of hepatitis b, and those who have chronic stomach problems are at high risk for gastric cancer. People with chronic kidney disease are at high risk for kidney cancer. The second is occupational factors, which are more likely to develop cancer if they are frequently exposed to radioactive substances, toxic substances, or workplace pollution. The third is the genetic factors of cancer: those who have had breast cancer, such as mothers or sisters, have a higher risk of breast cancer than those without a family history. One of these three causes is a high-risk group of cancer. 

In addition, people who have chronic bad habits, such as smoking, are also at high risk for cancer. If you are exposed to asbestos and cadmium, protect yourself from harmful substances. 



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