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In patients with renal transplantation: seize the day

In 2013 May 11th, is the 9th anniversary anniversary of my kidney transplantation. To this day, because in the run I forget this important day, also forgot to have helped me doctor, nurse a call or send a message to say thank you, but next...

In patients with renal transplantation: seize the day

Jun 21, 2017 by Kidney Disease Expert

In 2013 May 11th, is the 9th anniversary anniversary of my kidney transplantation. To this day, because in the run I forget this important day, also forgot to have helped me doctor, nurse a call or send a message to say thank you, but next year will not be forgotten.

Review of the new life in nine years, deep feelings.

The first is to understand the basic knowledge of medicine. Remember shortly after kidney transplantation, I prescribe medicine in hospital, the doctor said to the patient, to reduce the prednisone tablets. The patients in the box all drugs poured out, but do not know which one is to eat the medicine prednisone, because he is his wife to match. At that time, I really worry about him, worried that his kidney transplantation can live long. After kidney transplantation, many families asked me, this can eat, can eat the egg? Even asked me to eat? After surgery, can eat very much, can not eat very much, you call what should I say? There is a patient with postoperative hemoglobin can not go because of his family, after listening to the views of many people, to ask the doctor can not eat red dates? The doctor told her to eat. But she let her husband ate more than a year, hemoglobin up, enhance immunity, urine protein and urine occult blood has come . to understand, the doctor did not call him continuously throughout the year to eat! Eat what will enhance immunity, to know yourself.

The second is to treat the experience of others. Because of inpidual differences, others can do it, you can do it. For example, some female patients, cyclosporine a day only eat 150mg, and some female patients to eat 200mg.5 month 9 days, I met a four year after transplantation of the female patients in the hospital, she now every day to eat cyclosporine 200mg, mycophenolate prednisone 4 grain, 2 grain, I feel unbelievable. After the test results came out, only the concentrations of cyclosporine 108ng/ml. obviously, drug absorption is not good. A few years ago, I and a three transplant patients in the conversation, he said to me the medicine don't eat too much. Eat too much kidney easily broken, you listen to me no wrong, I have the experience, don't listen to the doctor. Every day he eats only cyclosporine 25mg, mycophenolate mofetil 0.5 a day, and I eat cyclosporine 175mg, mycophenolate mofetil and prednisone 3, of course. Last autumn, I call him at home, he is old the mother. Tell me, more than half a year after the death of her son, daughter-in-law back outside the home. If I would like him to take medicine, I also estimated to see Marx.

The third is to summarize your experience. The disease occurred in their own body, should know more about yourself is than the doctor. Each inspection results how to remember, particularly those not normal. For example, I love to eat sweet potatoes. Every autumn, their sweet potato mature, dig a few to eat, can the next check blood sugar to climb up to the 7.8mmol/L. spring, sweet potato finished, blood sugar dropped to normal, the last four months were in normal range. But some blood sugar goes up and down, we must pay special attention to. Also, check before one or two days eat chicken duck, uric acid will be increased. Moreover, we often feel a little pain in renal transplantation, can sleep well. Why? I engaged in education as an example, a morning even if three classes of renal region will have the feeling, the reason is to stand too For a long time. Winter is especially warm underwear, Jeans Plus, if the station a morning, the kidney area of gravity is too large, there will be feeling, pay attention to rest. If there is abnormal urine occult blood, urine protein, we want to find reasons to avoid as far as possible, will no longer have the same problem.

The fourth is to be careful everywhere. After kidney transplantation, I rarely at night street, the reason is fear of being hit by a car. Four years after transplantation, all night to only 10 times. Up to now I rarely at night on the street, if the streets, people will feel very surprised! Return to the podium after transplantation, I most worried about is in the classroom was hit by students. Once my students in counseling, think of the bell, a boy suddenly stood up, turned back, almost bumped into. So I never stood in front of the classroom after class, prevent the students rushed out of the classroom. When the class, rarely go to the students go, afraid of students I caught a cold, which requires the teacher to have a certain ability to control the classroom. When you take medicine, some points clear. Most of the triple therapy (tacrolimus + MMF + prednisone or CSA + MMF + prednisone) must complete. Before the sick, I To interview the collective enterprises mister, they praised the enterprise benefit is very good. The boss said to me: "today is good, does not mean that tomorrow will be better." this sentence to me very deep inspiration and reference to the renal transplant patient's body, that is the examination result is very good, does not mean that the next time will be good we need to tread carefully.

I wish you healthy and happy every day!



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