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Why do Foreign Patients Come to Our Hospital

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Why do Foreign Patients Come to Our Hospital

Jul 24, 2015 by Kidney Disease Expert

As one largest kidney disease specialist hospital in China, our hospital has become more and more popular at home and abroad. We own the unique kidney disease treatments, advanced test equipments and professional experts team. We treat all of the patients as our own families and friends in our hospital.

Our hospital has already helped patients get rid of the kidney disease who come from more than 68 countries at present. In fact, it is a big decision which made to receive treatment abroad. Then, why do more and more foreign patients come to our hospital? They have their following reasons:

1. Natural Treatment and Significant therapeutic effects

-  Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy
-  Four Treatment Medicine
-  Detoxification Therapy
-  Blood Pollution Therapy
-  Immunotherapy

2. Our all-round and high quality service

3. Our professional experts team

In order to make more kidney disease patients can get benefits from Chinese herbal therapy, also considering there are many patients cannot afford the medical cost, our hospital cooperates with the foundation of Red Cross to help poor patients get effective treatments.

If you decide to come to China, please click here Preparations of Coming to our hospital



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