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Frequently Asked cand Answers of Kidney Disease

Summed up the common problems of kidney disease, to help patients with the relevant issues to take the correct measures and methods to restore health early.


Here are answers of the frequently asked questions on kidney disease and some advises for kidney disease patients.

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Why kidney pain after drinking alcohol

Kidney pain after drinking alcohol is the phenomenon of kidney metabolism, do not worry too much. Often drink, especially beer, eat seafood, can cause increased uric acid, urinary acid crystals in the kidney, increased after the formation of uric acid ...

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The main three major symptoms of renal ptosis.

The main three major symptoms of renal ptosis.Renal ptosis refers to the movement of the kidneys with respiratory activity beyond the normal range, which results in urinary and other symptoms. ...

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What fruits can diabetic patients eat?

Diabetes is a relatively common disease, with the improvement of living standards, more and more people suffering from diabetes. Diabetic patients have many limitations in the diet, but not necessarily in fruits, next lets take a look at it ...

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What are the cause of urinary tract infection during pregnancy?

Through the survey shows that many pregnant women during pregnancy will be associated with urinary tract infection, urinary tract infection to promote pregnant womenpainful pregnancy reaction, more unbearable. The following is an introducti ...

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What is the main function of the kidney?

We all know that the kidney is one of the vital organs of the human body, but many people dont understand the function of the kidney very well. The following is an introduction to the main function of the kidney . Kidney has three basic fun ...

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What are the symptoms of kidney disease in women?

In recent years, more and more people suffering from kidney disease, kidney disease has become one of the common diseases. Whether adults or children, men or women, are likely to suffer from kidney disease. The following will introduce the ...

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What are the causes of kidney infection?

Renal infection is one of the relatively serious diseases, if without timely treatment it can lead to permanent kidney damage, develop into chronic kidney disease. This infection can also be transmitted to the blood lead to blood poisoning. ...

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What are the complications of renal atrophy?

Renal atrophy and renal function changes are complementary, when a patient has renal atrophy has been or will appear renal insufficiency and renal failure - uremia. Renal atrophy treatment is not timely or improper treatment can lead to the ...

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What is the definition of renal atrophy?

Renal atrophy definition Renal atrophy refers to renal loss or renal insufficiency caused by a variety of causes, resulting in reduced renal volume, physiological function of a pathological anatomy, common in a variety of acute and chronic ...

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What are the hypotension during dialysis causes?

Hypotension is one of the most common complications in dialysis. Clinical manifestations in addition to low blood pressure, but also may appear yawning, dizziness, sweating, hoarseness, palpitations, pulse acceleration and other symptoms. T ...

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