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Frequently Asked cand Answers of Kidney Disease

Summed up the common problems of kidney disease, to help patients with the relevant issues to take the correct measures and methods to restore health early.


Here are answers of the frequently asked questions on kidney disease and some advises for kidney disease patients.

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What are the causes of chest pain during dialysis?

Chest pain is a complication of dialysis during the dialysis period, dialysis when the common cause of chest pain is angina (myocardial ischemia), other reasons there are dialysis hemolysis, hypotension, air embolism, dialysis imbalance syn ...

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What causes peritoneal dialysis nausea and vomiting?

Many uremic patients in the treatment of peritoneal dialysis treatment, there will be nausea and vomiting, and the situation is more and more serious, very uncomfortable. So, what is the reason for peritoneal dialysis nausea and vomiting? T ...

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Prevention of dialysis hypotension

To avoid the occurrence of dialysis hypotension, the key is to prevent. If dialysis occurs in low blood pressure, how should we prevent dialysis hypotension? Control moisture and sodium intake. Dialysis interval weight gain not too much, ge ...

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What should kidney disease patients pay attention to in pregnancy?

Pregnancy due to changes in renal physiology, it can aggravate the original kidney disease. So patients with nephropathy need special attention during pregnancy. So, what should kidney disease patients pay attention to in pregnancy? The fol ...

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Specific manifestations of hypertension hazards

Hypertension is the most important and dangerous diseases in a variety of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, the diseases affecting the heart, brain, kidney structure and function, eventually leading to failure of these organs, on ...

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What are the urea nitrogen high symptoms?

what are the urea nitrogen high symptoms? We treated a patient, the body hematuria situation has long been there, but because of his body has not appeared any signs of discomfort, so he did not particularly care. But the intermittent hematu ...

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Causes of high level urea nitrogen

What are the causes for high urea nitrogen ? Blood urea nitrogen (BUN) content is an important indicator of renal function changes. High levels of urea nitrogen indicate some problems with the kidneys. So, what is the reason for high urea n ...

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Drug abuse may causes acute kidney disease and even life-threatening

Nephropathy is a common chronic disease, but there is no shortage of acute kidney disease every year. Most of acute kidney disease is acute renal injury, which is a group of clinical syndrome, refers to the sudden and persistent decline in ...

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How to control protein in urine during pregnancy?

Normal urine contains trace protein, the test was negative; when the urine protein content reached a certain value, the test results were positive. Protein content was positive urine called proteinuria. Pregnant women discharge such urine i ...

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High uric acid will certainly cause gout or kidney disease? Three types of gout t

In clinical practice, if the patient uric acid concentration beyond the normal range, that is, male or postmenopausal women blood uric acid 420mol / L, female blood uric acid 350mol / L, can be regarded as high uric acid. High uric acid is ...

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