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Several factors causing polycystic kidney disease

After years of clinical trials, nephrologists have identified multiple causes of kidney disease. Prevention of polycystic nephropathy and the need for multiple cystic nephropathy should be reinforced by patients with polycystic kidney disea...

Several factors causing polycystic kidney disease

May 08, 2017 by Kidney Disease Expert

After years of clinical trials, nephrologists have identified multiple causes of kidney disease. Prevention of polycystic nephropathy and the need for multiple cystic nephropathy should be reinforced by patients with polycystic kidney disease. This paper introduces the eight major causes of the polycystic kidney, which is intended to provide a warning to the general population.

• causes of congenital malformed renal cysts

By congenital dysplasia can produce a variety of diseases, for cystic kidney disease, the main causes of medullary sponge kidney, develop benign polycystic kidney disease, congenital dysplasia of genes are generally not exception, so it and there is a difference between genetic or gene mutations.

• genetic mutation (not inherited)

For polycystic kidney disease, mostly by their parents' genetic, pided into autosomal dominant and autosomal recessive, but also some polycystic kidney patients is neither parents genetic, also do not belong to the developmental defect not benign polycystic kidney disease, but embryos formed of mutations. In the process of embryo formation, due to various factors, make the gene mutated form the polycystic kidney disease, although the situation is very rare, but still possible, therefore, some patients with polycystic kidney can genetic history without parents. What causes the polycystic kidney?

A variety of infections,

Infection can make the environment in the abnormal changes, thereby can produce cyst genetic change environment conditions, the activity of cyst of the internal factors, thus can promote the formation of cysts, grow up; And any infection, any parts of the body through the blood into the renal and swollen, such as cyst infection occurs, then in addition to make clinical symptoms aggravate, also would lead to further speed up the growth speed, cyst and renal damage is aggravating, etc. A common infection of the upper respiratory tract infection (including colds), urinary tract infections, gastrointestinal infections, skin infections, trauma, infection, infection of equipment and so on, namely whether bacterial infection or viral infection, can be to produce a great impact on the cyst.

The toxin,

Toxic effect on human body, can make all kinds of tissue organ damage, to disease, and even life-threatening, and produce genetic mutations, one of the main reasons for the phenomenon such as congenital dysplasia. Common toxins such as pesticides, certain chemicals, radiation, pollution, etc. In particular, some also have renal toxicity, if use undeserved, easy to cause kidney damage, these include: kanamycin, gentamycin, sulfa, rifampicin and indomethacin, western medicine, and centipede, nux vomica and other Chinese traditional medicine.


It may not be known that bad eating habits may cause many diseases, but they are also important factors in the development and development of cyst disease. The main one is:

(1) if you eat and drink, you will not get enough nutrition. The digestive, absorbing function of the spleen and stomach and the difficulty of circulating qi and blood. The taste of fat and fat is easy to turn into internal heat.

(2) the food is not clean, the light person is prone to stomach and intestines disease, the heavy person is poisoned even the life.

(3) addicted to diet, such as eating or cold food, easy injury taste sun be the spirit, feed more XinWen can make gastric heating, hot and another five partial addicted to, for a long time is easy to hurt the internal organs. The effects of these dietary habits on the body are obvious. They also influence the development of cystic disease directly or indirectly. For cyst disease, clinical we especially emphasize the following aspects, acrid categories: such as pepper, alcohol, smoking, including passive smoking), chocolate, coffee, fish, shrimp, crab, "hair content"; Oversalty foods, especially marinade; Contaminated foods such as unhygienic foods, decayed, spoiled, leftovers, etc. Barbecue food; In addition, animal protein, high fat and fatty foods should be restricted. Restricting beans and soy products, especially those with kidney function, should be more important. 6,

Improper work,

Overwork should include three aspects:

(1) overexertion, that is, overexertion or vigorous exercise over a long period of time, is apt to become a disease;

(2) overwork: too much thought, too much psychological stress, too much thought.

(3) overwork, which is the excess of sex, is excessive. All of these are adverse to health and, of course, the changes in cystic disease. In addition, excessive comfortable, too comfortable, not to take part in labor, no movement, and easy to make human body blood causing his disease, which is "long lie hurt gas".

Emotional factors,

Modern medical research shows that bad mood changes can make the human body's nerve and endocrine dissonance, which can change the internal environment of the body through the function of neurohumoral effect. Abnormalities in the inner environment also affect cysts. And bad mood can also reduce the person's immunity, which is beneficial to the disease and the virus, thereby causing the cyst to be affected. A large number of clinical practice has proved that bad mood can make an illness aggravating, especially cystic disease, and cultivate the mood, not sad not rashness, the condition often can be gradually improved.


In general, the course of pregnancy for polycystic kidney affect mainly the kidney condition, although there is no evidence that pregnancy can make polycystic kidney disease progression to accelerate, but multiple pregnancy and combined with high blood pressure is often bad outcomes, and a quarter of women polycystic kidney new hair or original hypertension during pregnancy is aggravating, so multiple pregnancy for women an adverse effect on the prognosis of polycystic kidney. Of course, there is still a greater risk of kidney failure, such as kidney failure.


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