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Why woman suffer from purpura nephritis?

Why woman suffer from purpura nephritis?Why woman suffer from purpura nephritis: Autoimmune disease, purpura is systemic inflammation of a blood capillary, why people suffer fromthis disease? Normal people have two layers of immune system, why cant no ...

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How should children's purpura nephritis be prevented?

How should children's purpura nephritis be prevented?Children with purpura nephritis let many parents feel helpless, because we all know that this disease has a great impact on the healthy growth of children, and when children with purpura nephritis how to prevent ...

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Why children suffer from purpura nephritis?

Why children suffer from purpura nephritis?Now more and more people suffering from purpura nephritis, many children are victims of this disease, many of my friends do not know the reason of sick children, so at the time of treatment, there will be some o ...

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What can induce Purpura Nephritis?

What can induce Purpura Nephritis?Purpura Nephritis involves in allergic reaction caused by infection of bacterium, virus and parasite, food allergy, drug allergy, or stimulation comes from plant pollen, insect bite and cold. Infection : Accordi ...

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