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Uremic patient born a baby

The First Affiliated Hospital of Jinan University, lying on the bed, although the 22 year old Xie Huangui is still not out of yesterdays postpartum weakness, but at the side of her husband with a mobile phone in the childs photo, his smile...

Uremic patient born a baby

Feb 13, 2017 by Kidney Disease Expert

The First Affiliated Hospital of Jinan University, lying on the bed, although the 22 year old Xie Huangui is still not out of yesterday's postpartum weakness, but at the side of her husband with a mobile phone in the child's photo, his smile did not, in order to return an affectionate husband, had been diagnosed as uremia Xie Huangui decided to desperate son. In this passionate behind, the First Affiliated Hospital of Jinan University, director Yin Lianghong to call the doctor in charge of a miracle: "for a urine has stopped for seven years, for patients with uremia often do hemodialysis can be pregnant this is a miracle, can meet a deep love for her husband, never abandon this is a miracle. Finally able to successfully put the child was born, this is the biggest miracle."

Uremic patients unexpected love

In 2005, 17 year old Xie Huangui hall huangyong fainted in the school playground. Inspection results show that she suffered from chronic nephritis, due to the poverty of the family, Xie Huangui's nephritis has not been standardized treatment, and slowly developed into a renal failure, and finally became uremia. From the age of 17, she would have to rely on hemodialysis, every 4~5 days you must go to the hospital to purify the whole body blood.

Medical expenses can have been tortured over Xie Huangui never thought that love will be quietly approached, 09 years, more than and 40 year old Chen Longchang had just suffered to open his own waste company bankruptcy girlfriend left blow, beside him in downhearted Xie Huangui's home in Dongguan with the remaining money Sundry Goods opened a shop, and please Xie Huangui help Kandian, perhaps have the same miserable experience, two people in the back and forth in the establishment of the feelings. Chen Longchang said, although two people fall in love, but when the two sides are not married, after all, is a disease to cross the ridge.

Unintended pregnancy, in order to let him have a companion Xie Huangui decided to desperate children

Last June, Xie Huangui during a routine exam, found himself already 5 months pregnant, "she had dialysis for 6 years, but no renal transplantation cannot be cured, it is time to end with symptoms of uremia, hypertension and heart failure. Strangely, she almost no vomiting of pregnancy reaction, so until 5 months of pregnancy was found." Expert of the First Affiliated Hospital of Jinan University told Xiao Bian, in general, like Xie Huangui this kind of patients with uremia, dialysis due to long time, what will appear menstrual disorders, pregnancy rate to less than 1%.

Director Yin said that for uremic patients long-term dialysis patients to toxin accumulation, metabolic function has been very weak, if coupled with a fetal burden equal to double the risk of complications had uremia, hypertension, anemia, damage may occur at any time of cerebral embolism. The development of the child may also be deformed, which are in the course of pregnancy will cause fatal factors. So doctors generally advise patients not to be pregnant, or stop pregnancy.

"When we know the news, we are happy and afraid." Since suffering from uremia, Xie Huangui did not dare to want to be pregnant. Although her husband Chen Long often disagree, but she insisted on giving birth to the child. Xie Huangui firmly behind the consideration is like himself such patients at any time have life risk, if he is not, at least a child to stay beside her husband,

The child's birth, so that the doctor is relieved, but placed in front of Chen couple this difficult period and cost of treatment, the doctor preliminary estimates, children also need to stay in the ICU for a month and a half, the cost was 5, 60 thousand, and Xie Huangui himself every day to keep doing dialysis treatment add up, already owed about 100000 medical expenses for this high expenses, Chen Long often worry it is self-evident, when Xiao Bian asked how to pay the cost of time, the simplicity of the middle-aged man, just leave a firm, "I will work hard to make money, I will raise this child this is the only thing I could do for her.



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