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Children with acute renal failure was finally able to go to school

I brought a lot of people, marvel. So sensible and well behaved children, how will get this disease? So naive good child, why suffer so cruel torture? Here, a lot of people have a lot of problems! Who is this love? How did the pain? How to...

Children with acute renal failure was finally able to go to school

Jun 18, 2017 by Kidney Disease Expert

I brought a lot of people, marvel. So sensible and well behaved children, how will get this disease? So naive good child, why suffer so cruel torture? Here, a lot of people have a lot of problems! Who is this love? How did the pain? How to bear misfortune how to do? And fight disease? How to overcome the disease now? Life?.

Jingle bell. The doctor picked up the phone on the beam. The phone call Xiaoyue father came over the moon is crisp pleasant voice pre: "tell you a good news, today I officially handled the necessary procedures, a lot of old classmates around me asked a lot of questions, so happy!", so the doctor listened to the phone side beam Xiaoyue talking back to school thing, feeling a young man should have vitality, warm heart, made many daily matters needing attention, and my parents also exchange some daily attention, put in the hands of the phone. Thinking back to the past.

I was a girl from Chongqing, 12 years old this year. Always lively Xiaoyue deep love of teachers and classmates, regarded her as a class of "happy". I not only study well, but also willing to help others, particularly aggrieed, saw the boys bully female students, small month must be rushed to preach "" it is because of this, I have a special nickname, called the "female Lu Zhishen".

In February 21st 16 at noon that day, my sudden stomach pain, the pain can not stand up, just thought it was a cold, drink water, eat painkillers, but still the pain is unbearable. Looking at the bean big sweat fell down, my mother was very distressed, the night drove to the local children hospital. This test does not matter, my high protein flow, full 12g. exceed the standard in these days of admission, Xiaoyue edema body is high, originally lovely face now become chubby, looking uncomfortable. With the next test, my creatinine also increased, up to 393. never since before dialysis, excessive accumulation of toxins, Xiaoyue midway also once he's in a coma. The local doctors see in critical condition, he recommended dialysis therapy.

The doctor gave my method is adopted straight through dialysis, straight through pain, I was still small, and always struggle to escape, once continuously through 15, then put on the moon, already into tears. The doctor knows each straight through pain, so every time before the start of may she hit a heavy sleep. I settled a look, as if a generation had passed after waking up, even his mother did not remember.

Mother to wake up and realize that, dialysis methods are not fundamentally solve the problem, the child is still small, every dialysis is a burst of pain for a long time. Dialysis can only make the situation worse, we must find ways to solve the basic problem. After all, I was still small, there is a long life to go, after all, abortion is their own heartstrings, also in the hands of the two couples hope, after all, dialysis can only make the situation worse.

I in the dialysis time and again, suffered the pain of torture, wake up like mad mind a blank, miss their school, miss playing buddy, sometimes the reality and miss the gap let I despair, pressed out of breath. Despair with their parents this is often talk, three people cried together.

Huang pays off. By making inquiries, ask a lot of nephropathy patients circle, mother learned Shijiazhuang kidney disease hospital is a hospital of traditional Chinese medicine treatment effect is very good, therapy is also fundamentally solve the problems in the circle of nephropathy patients, has a good reputation. Then through support for the phone, and kidney disease hospital doctor contact.

After consultation, that abortion is acute renal failure and chronic disease development is not over, to find a suitable treatment method, small creatinine down, stabilize the body and restore normal life, no problem.

I know the truth, think are scared, and it saved a life according to what is the difference, but did not give up, but after making inquiries that kidney disease hospital. After a more detailed and professional examination, soon find the cause of miscarriage increased creatinine, blood due to excessive accumulation of toxins, can cause kidney detox. For a long time, can cause direct or indirect damage to the kidney function, so the treatment must be poison, remove toxins, repair function damage. Doctors and parents and asked Xiaoyue no less than dozens of questions, through careful inquiry and understanding, made a detailed rehabilitation programs for moon treatment, made a private customized medication and physical therapy program and a diet routine precautions.

During hospitalization, rehabilitation doctors daily tracking abortion, for private care physicians Xiaoyue distribution more timely and detailed care. After proper medication and physical therapy with the bloated body, Xiaoyue slowly began to disappear, creatinine gradually decreased to normal level. This is not completely cured for.4 months the 18 day, when check again, my creatinine decreased to 72, the protein also dropped to 1 plus.

I just started back when sick, tearful ask Mom, what time can I go to school? I just can't go back, our heart is painful. Pays off, I gradually improved in everyone's expectations and wishes, in the skill of medicine students, in the nurse's care, parents relatives and friends in the company, I finally beat the disease stage, return to the wanton play desperately smile of the campus.

The sun, moon and students happily play games, see the bully girls boy will still go up dabaobuping, every day will carry the bag home bounce, all calm as usual. But she does not know, is no longer waiting for her death and fear, but gradually Tingtingyuli. Long hair and waist of the youth, is a great love, is to each other long company. But she did not know, two broken their parents finally relieved, finally did not because of the endless dialysis and broken up, finally again let your hopes and hopes with the healthy growth of their daughter, again to continue.




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