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Excessive exercise can cause acute renal failure

At the age of 23, a strong guy hasnt completed a unit of devil training paralysis, acute renal failure to toss him from Shenzhen to Wuhan, in the peoples Hospital of Wuhan University, Department of Nephrology, dialysis treatment for half a...

Excessive exercise can cause acute renal failure

Feb 13, 2017 by Kidney Disease Expert

At the age of 23, a strong guy hasn't completed a unit of "devil" training "paralysis", acute renal failure to toss him from Shenzhen to Wuhan, in the people's Hospital of Wuhan University, Department of Nephrology, dialysis treatment for half a month, was discharged after 3 times.

Coincidentally, March, five city hospitals, universal love hospital kidney internal medicine department also sent two due to excessive movement caused by acute renal failure in the young man. The five hospital nephrology director Wang Xiaohui said, because exercise leads to acute renal failure is the culprit of rhabdomyolysis, for young people, every year she will encounter 5-6 cases.

4 consecutive days of excessive exercise

Strong guy was "Liaodao".

At the beginning of April, is a graduate of the University of A Chao in Shenzhen to find a job and are required to attend a week-long orientation training. Run 10 kilometers, 100 squat, 60 push ups and 30 sit ups, the first day of the training ended, A Chao muscle ache, on a floor at a disadvantage.

Nevertheless, he persisted for 4 days. The morning of the fifth day, a do not climb up, general weakness, launched a fever. He thought it was a cold, to a nearby clinic drips, can not only bring down a fever, night also soared to 39 degrees, urine with a color of soy sauce, the night he was to play the "fly" to return to Wuhan.

At this time, has a systemic edema, no urine urine, directly to the people's Hospital of Wuhan University, Department of Nephrology consultation. The doctor examined Liang Wei, a super creatinine value was as high as 1745 mol/L, is 10 times more than normal people, a diagnosis of acute renal failure".

Fortunately, acute renal failure after timely treatment can be reversed, 5 days of emergency hemodialysis and anti-inflammatory treatment, a serum creatinine value decreased gradually after discharged observation.

Less urine after exercise and deep color

To attract enough attention

A very puzzled, he usually exercise not less, physical fitness is good, how would suddenly have acute renal failure? Liang Wei told him, because of his campaign "fierce" lead to rhabdomyolysis, cause acute renal failure.

"Refers to the striated muscle of myocardium and skeletal muscle, contain large amounts of myoglobin." Liang Wei explained that the kidney is the only excretion of myoglobin, under normal circumstances, myoglobin content in the blood is very small, affordable kidney. But if too much movement, muscle damage, cell wall broken, cells in myoglobin will flow through the kidneys discharge blood, easily blocked "export", the waste is piled up in the kidneys, causing acute renal failure.

Universal love hospital Sports Medicine Director Zhang Qingsong said that many people have muscle soreness after exercise feeling, early symptoms of rhabdomyolysis and muscle ache, if normal urination do not bother, but if after exercise, less urine darkens it is necessary to pay attention to.

Exercise heart rate more than 150 BPM

The body may not be able to eat

How to determine whether the sport too? Liang Wei gives the answer: for ordinary fitness enthusiasts, after exercise, the heart rate is about 120 - 150 times the best, also known as the heart rate. More than 150 beats per minute, the body may be too much.

How to calculate? "170 minus age". Liang Wei said that the formula is derived from the number of heart rate after exercise. In addition, the sense of self is also an important indicator of exercise intensity. If there was a little mild shortness of breath, rapid heartbeat, pale red, a little sweat that moderate exercise; if there is significant palpitation, shortness of breath, chest fever, dizziness, sweating, it is overrun the terribly fatigued.

Liang Wei suggested that daily exercise can remember the "1, 3, 5, 7" number four, "1" on behalf of exercise a day, "3" is every movement insist on 30 minutes to 60 minutes, "5" refers to a week of not less than 5 times, "7" is the number of beats per minute after exercise the number is 170 minus age



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