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Chronic renal failure diet attention

Suitable food for chronic renal failure: 1, attention should be paid to ensure adequate heat and adequate essential amino acids. Specific to the amount of each protein in patients should be flexible according to the clearance rate of muscle...

Chronic renal failure diet attention

Mar 13, 2017 by Kidney Disease Expert

Suitable food for chronic renal failure:

1, attention should be paid to ensure adequate heat and adequate essential amino acids. Specific to the amount of each protein in patients should be flexible according to the clearance rate of muscle.

2, adhere to high quality low protein diet, low phosphorus, low salt and high heat; avoid aggravating factors, suitable temperature, cold shelter; avoid cold, infection, diet.

Food unfit for chronic renal failure:

(1) avoid high purine foods, such as animal offal, seafood, spinach, mushrooms, beer also bogey, which can reduce the excretion of uric acid.

(2) with all kinds of health care products: chronic renal failure is not the Chinese medicine said "kidney deficiency" cannot be used Bushen drugs to treat chronic renal failure, all kinds of health care products and supplements on the market a multitude of names, the best at a distance.

(3) not eat spicy food, such as pepper, pepper, pepper, curry, garlic bolt and so easy to "get angry", five spice powder, aniseed, coriander and other Chinese toon, "objects", because these foods may cause high blood pressure, cause throat inflammation, can also cause allergies.

(4) Note: low salt diet to maintain a low salt diet, no salt itself on kidney damage, but eat more salt, drinking water will correspondingly increase, increased blood volume, edema, hypertension and heart load, which is disadvantageous to the disease, so there is edema, hypertension patients to low salt diet, especially with edema, to 3 grams per day is appropriate.

(5) Shensi high potassium food: high potassium can inhibit the heartbeat, severe cases can lead to cardiac arrest, potassium mainly by food intake, the urinary excretion by the kidney, renal dysfunction, will result in decreased excretion of potassium increased, so food should eat high potassium. Such as: bananas, oranges, MSG, soy sauce, mustard, potatoes, mushrooms, fungus, seaweed, jujube, lotus seeds, almonds, ham, scallops, small shrimp etc..

(6) reasonable control of protein intake: refers to the patient's body to meet the basic requirements of the protein, the premise to minimize protein intake, in order to minimize the burden on the kidneys. According to the study: the daily intake of protein in patients with chronic renal failure is the appropriate amount of 0.5~0.6 grams per kilogram of body weight. Generally speaking, every day, 1 catty milk egg, 1 two meat is necessary, high protein diet can make the blood urea nitrogen increased, while insufficient protein intake will cause malnutrition, could lead to increased creatinine.

Chronic renal failure diet:

Qionghua shrimp soup

[materials] wonton skin 40 grams, 40 grams of pork, shrimp, egg 1, tofu 100 grams, 50 grams of vegetables, a little carrot soup, 500 ml, starch, lard, MSG amount.

[Methods] cooking with shrimp and pork mince, add half an egg, add a little onion, salt, MSG, starch and mix well behind, with a bag of wonton wonton. Half an egg will rest on tofu, add MSG, salt, lard and corn flour into the dishes, put carrots, cabbage leaves, steam cooked. With pot boil 1 bowls of water, add MSG, salt, water boiling, pour wonton, cook for 10 minutes, the dishes into the.

[scope] this soup with kidney yang, the efficacy of protein supplement. It is also suitable for the patients with chronic renal failure.

Seafood with ToFu Soup

[materials] fish 50 grams, 30 grams of shrimp, tofu 150 grams, 50 grams of cabbage, pepper.

[method] the pan frame cooking tofu stir reserve. The fish and shrimp in a bowl, add oil, salt, sugar, monosodium glutamate, pepper. The amount of water pot, boil the fish, shrimp, tofu, and roll roll, under the cabbage. The soup to add salt to taste.

[range] this soup is rich in protein, kidney tonifying essence. The utility model is especially suitable for patients with chronic renal failure.

Chronic renal failure diet recipe

1 yuan, ginseng: Ginseng Soup (or ginseng) function of Qi and spleen, nourishing the nerves to guiyuanrou function; ginseng 6G and guiyuanrou 10 pieces, boiled orally, for patients with chronic renal insufficiency anemia, palpitations, has the effect of nourishing the nerves.

2, ginseng jujube soup: Ginseng (or American ginseng) function of Invigorating Qi and spleen, jujube function of the spleen and stomach, ginseng 6G plus red dates 6, a total of boiled. For patients with chronic renal insufficiency anemia, there is an increase in hemoglobin.

3, millet, jujube, red bean, yam (fresh) the amount of water boiled into porridge, boil when adding edible alkali; often used; anemia of chronic renal failure patients taking the spleen and stomach, nourishing blood and water.

4, mulberry mulberry Honey Cream: nourishing, Runzao nourishing honey, with fresh mulberry 100g (or dried 500g), concentrated fried with honey, 250g ointment for chronic renal insufficiency, kidney yin deficiency, insomnia, irritability.

5, five fresh lotus root juice drink: the function of clearing heat and cooling blood, fresh pear function Qingxin lungs and phlegm, fresh function of heat and cooling blood, spleen and stomach function to help students of sugarcane, the product of each 500g, chopped, sterile gauze to squeeze juice, for chronic renal insufficiency patients with nasal bleeding, 2-3 times served.



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