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Atrophic Kidney Symptoms Diet and Causes

Atrophic kidneysymptomsare related to the renal volume, kidney size,renal function,and age of people, gender,height and weight of the body, relatively small and significantly narrowing kidney is the abnormal phenomenon. The long-term kidney...

Atrophic Kidney Symptoms Diet and Causes

Oct 22, 2017 by Kidney Disease Expert

Atrophic kidney symptoms are related to the renal volume, kidney size, renal function, and age of people, gender, height and weight of the body, relatively small and significantly narrowing kidney is the abnormal phenomenon. The long-term kidney disease can cause nephron damage especially glomerular damage, it can make the whole kidney shrink. Atrophic kidney symptoms and renal insufficiency can supply each other, when patients appear Atrophic kidney symptoms, they can appear renal insufficiency or renal failure or uremia, so patients should improve and control atrophic kidney symptoms in the treatment.
1、The atrophic kidney symptoms


Patients’ atrophic kidney symptoms often appear nausea, fatigue and anemia, they can appear the symptom of skin itch, it can accompany with edema of feet, some patients’ atrophic kidney symptoms can include waist pain, they can not sit for a long time. Atrophic kidney is because the kidney appears damage caused by overwork, patients get atrophic kidney symptoms, the leg and feet can appear edema, the blood pressure can aggravate with the more and more serious illness, the body is more and more thinner.
2、The diet
(1)Patients should limit the intake of protein, they can drink milk and eat meat, these food contain more essential amino acid to supply the need of the body.
(2)The fat should be considered using the food with more monounsaturated fatty acid like plant oil. Patients should limit the intake of water and salt to avoid aggravating renal burden.
(3)Patients should avoid eating food with more potassium such as banana, the dried fruits,beef, pork, sardines, wheat, bean paste, lettuce,etc.
(4)Patients should eat bottle green vegetables.
3、The causes

Atrophic kidney should appear the symptoms of the lift kidney atrophy, the right kidney atrophy and the double kidney atrophy.the causes of atrophic kidney are in the following:
When patients get Atrophic kidney they should consider congenital renal dysplasia at first, then they should consider the late kidney disease including renal failure, uremia or some acute diseases, such as acute glomerular disease, diabetic nephropathy, renal transplant rejection,chronic glomerular nephritis,renal cortical necrosis, acute tubular necrosis and hypertensive nephropathy.
The causes of chronic pyelonephritis is the double side kidney or one side kidney shrinking, it is the common cause of atrophic kidney.
The double atrophic kidney symptoms are the chronic kidney disease to develop into renal insufficiency especially renal failure and uremia, the serum creatinine and urea nitrogen is rising, the renal damage is serious, the renal parenchymal gets damaged, the kidney can shrink. So patients with atrophic kidney symptoms should pay more attention, the kidney disease has strong stealthiness, if the glomerular filtration rate is less than 50%, the clinical symptoms can appear when the renal damage is serious. Patients with atrophic kidney symptoms should find actively the causes to eliminate the illness when they are diagnosed.
The atrophic kidney symptoms have two reasons: renal tuberculosis, renal artery stenosis and congenital dysplasia.

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