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What is the treatment of kidney cancer?

What is the treatment of kidney cancer? ...

What is the treatment of kidney cancer?

May 14, 2017 by Kidney Disease Expert

Kidney cancer early treatment methods: kidney cancer early inside of water density and cystic kidney it is not difficult to identify, but due to some complex cysts may slow evolution, so the renal cyst of regular follow-up is important. To thicken or irregular the wall of a cyst; The surface of the sac is realistic and reinforced; The appearance of soft tissue around a cyst should guard against the malignant potential. Kidney cancer surgery is pided into single-sex nephrectomy and radical nephrectomy, and it is now recognized that radical nephrectomy may improve survival. 

Mid kidney cancer treatment: kidney cancer surgery should strive for renal artery and vein ligation of first, can reduce intraoperative bleeding and may cause of tumor spread. Kidney cancer is a multi-blood vessel tumor, often with large lateral veins, which can be easily bleeding and difficult to control. In larger tumor surgery, therefore, can be in on preoperative selective renal artery embolization can cause severe pain, fever, intestinal paralysis, infections, etc., should not be used routinely. 

Late-stage treatment for kidney cancer: in addition to chemotherapy and radiation, patients with advanced kidney cancer are also involved in treatment. Iodized oil emulsion transcatheter embolization in kidney, anhydrous alcohol ACTS on the target organs of capillary level, causes the tissue protein coagulation, vascular endothelial damage, blood cells are clogged in the small blood vessels, causing permanent embolism, not easy to form the collateral circulation, to ensure the quality of life is helpful in the kidney cancer late. 



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