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The main method of treating nephrotic syndrome in Chinese medicine

This article mainly introduces the treatment of nephrotic syndrome, nephrotic syndrome care and nephrotic syndrome, Chinese medicine treatment, to help patients with nephrotic syndrome early recovery of health....

The main method of treating nephrotic syndrome in Chinese medicine

Oct 21, 2017 by Kidney Disease Expert

Nephrotic syndrome the treatment of the disease has been a lot of people are concerned about the topic, but now, many patients can choose traditional Chinese medicine to treat nephrotic syndrome, so, what is the method of TCM treatment of nephrotic syndrome? Next, we will ask the experts to give you a detailed introduction.

1, The treatment of nephrotic syndrome

The treatment of nephrotic syndrome by Chinese medicine is the principle of dialectical treatment, and the whole thing is to be grasped. On the basis of the combination of the whole and local, the law of the development of the disease is fully grasped. It is reported that the relationship between the clinical and pathological type of primary glomerular disease is studied. The expansion of the kidney arteries at all levels, improving renal microcirculation, increasing the effective perfusion of the kidney, improving the condition of the damaged renal ischemia, and accelerating the repair of the damaged kidney. Anti-inflammatory effects, inhibiting inflammatory media, cytotoxic agents, and inactivation of renal toxicity, prevent new kidney damage from new kidney tissue.

2, care

TCM treatment for nephrotic syndrome patients will appear the phenomenon of double qi, resistance is low, RongWei not, therefore, patients with nephrotic syndrome should be pay attention to rest, long-term benefit spleen and kidney, yi WeiGu table, improve immunity, the table is not solid, but secret yupinfeng powder or blowout is the root of remembranous milk vetch and tonga. A person with a kidney that is not sufficient to give the yellow soup to the cinnamon. The nephrogenite was given to the ephedrine and the added weight. In the later stages of the disease, appropriate activities should be carried out to carry out the exercise of the best of its ability, which will make the blood and blood blend and meridially benefit. This is one way to treat nephrotic syndrome.

Above is related to introduce the method of TCM treatment of nephrotic syndrome, only for your reference, if the symptoms of nephrotic syndrome, don't delay treatment time, please go to the hospital for treatment in time, in addition, if you any questions about treatment of nephrotic syndrome, please consult the online expert!

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