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Traditional Chinese Medicine,kidney disease therapy

Kidney treatment explain the treatment and knowledge of kidney disease for you, such as can kidney disease be cured? How to nurse kidney disease patient.

What to do with reduction in urine output?

What to do with reduction in urine output?What to do withreduction in urine output? The amount of urine is related to the amount of fluid intake and loss, the most important depends on the glomerular filtration rate and renal tubular reabsorption, and t ...

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Treatment of chronic nephritis with Chinese Medicine

Treatment of chronic nephritis with Chinese MedicineChronic nephritis, also known as chronic glomerulonephritis, etiology is not clear. Slow onset, clinical manifestations of edema, hypertension, proteinuria, hematuria, and tubular urine, can be manifested as one ...

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How to reduce serum creatinine

How to reduce serum creatinineBlood creatinine, which is thought to be endogenous creatinine and endogenous creatinine is a product of muscle metabolism in the body. In the muscles, creatine is formed mainly by the irreversible process of no ...

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How does nephritic patient detumescence?

How does nephritic patient detumescence?Kidney disease is a major disease of the human body, which seriously threatens the health of the human body and brings great harm to people. The pathogenesis of kidney disease is complicated, accompanied by vari ...

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