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The early symptoms of uremia_ How long will uremia live_Uremia

In this page you can see comprehensive knowledges about uremia. Such as prevention methods, The diet nursing of patients with uremia, announcements ab

Prevent uremia during pregnancy

Prevent uremia during pregnancy Women during pregnancy, in order to supply the growth of the fetus needs, the physiological burden of the kidneys will inevitably increase. If you have had chronic kidney disease before pregnancy, the burden on ...

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Is anemia in elder have a relationship with uremia?

Is anemia in elder have a relationship with uremia?Recently, there is an anemia of the elderly patients, the diagnosis, which has been replaced by chronic renal failure and uremia; experts advise, anemia patients ignore the examination of renal function. The dat ...

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Uremic patients should arrange reasonable exercise

Uremic patients should arrange reasonable exerciseFor peritoneal dialysis patients, the main reason for poor body function is the lack of exercise, and moderate exercise can improve the damaged kidney function . More importantly, the data show that 50% of uremi ...

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