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The early symptoms of uremia_ How long will uremia live_Uremia

In this page you can see comprehensive knowledges about uremia. Such as prevention methods, The diet nursing of patients with uremia, announcements ab

What is hemolytic uremic syndrome?

What is hemolytic uremic syndrome?Hemolytic uremic syndrome (HUS) is mainly manifested as microvascular hemolysis, thrombocytopenia and acute renal failure syndrome. If accompanied by neurological symptoms and non-infectious fever was thrombotic ...

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Is the increased night urine a symptom of uremic?

Is the increased night urine a symptom of uremic?The symptom of nocturia increased, but very little urine , usually will not appear within the age of 60, if young people have nocturia, we should pay attention. To prevent the emergence of uremia. Many early kid ...

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Diet care of uremic patients

Diet care of uremic patientsOur hospital nephropathy experts pointed out that the so-called uremia, is a variety of kidney disease gradually deterioration of the final stage of progress. Because of its insidious onset, often has obvious sy ...

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Uremia need dialysis? Advantages and disadvantages

Uremia need dialysis? Advantages and disadvantagesThis article describes how patients with kidney disease need to diagnose the need for dialysis and how to treat the disease through dialysis, in addition to help us to analyze the advantages and disadvantages of ...

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